Go Continuous Delivery: Gradle plugin 1.0.0 released

I’ve been working on updating the Go Continuous Delivery plugin internalls so that I could release it as final “1.0” version.

On the surface not much have changed, the UI remains the same, the functionality also remains the same. What have really changed is the internal implementation, that no longer uses the Go Java API (which has been deprecated now) and instead completly relays on the latest JSON API. That required a lot of changes and refactoring, I’ve in fact created a helper utility library that wraps the low level API calls and gives a simple extension points where you can “put” your own plugin logic.

The plugin wrapper has repo on it’s own rights:


To use the Gradle plugin, just download one of the releases and copy it into:


After restaring the server you should be able to see the Gradle plugin on the Plugin list and also be able to add the Gradle task to your pipeline stages.


Go Continuous Delivery 14.4+
Java 7+


  1. Trevor Butler · October 28, 2015

    Thanks for developing a Gradle plugin for GoCD. I have been trying to use it on Windows Server OS and have been running into a problem with the actual command execution in the Windows shell. I do not think this is the best place to describe the issue, but if you would please reply to me via email, that would be great. I am thinking that I can show you the output I am seeing, along with the configuration of the plugin. Then, if you agree, I can open an issue for you on github. BTW, I have downloaded and examined the source code for the gradle plugin and think that I see some things to comment on.

    Best regards,


    • Jakub Narloch · October 28, 2015


      I don’t mind at all if you will open an issue a Github the feedback is going to be very useful. I’m lacking a Windows machine at the moment for testing, so sorry for the inconvienience.


      • Trevor Butler · October 28, 2015

        All right, thanks! I will open an issue shortly.


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