Spring Cloud 1.1: RxJava

The next big thing that is going to happen in Java world in upcoming future is standardization of the reactive programming API in JVM. Java 9 is going to most likely be bundled with Reactive Streams API. Also some existing libraries like RxJava 2.x are moving towards the same standardized API. From what you could learn from last SpringOne is that Spring 5 have plans for seamless integration with reactive paradigm.

Question is do you really need to wait to easily facilitate all of this goodies? The answer is not necessary, especially that you can already use libraries like RxJava.

Spring MVC integration

One nice kind of integration that you can get out of the box thanks to upcoming Spring Cloud Netflix 1.1.x release is support for Observable return types in your controller methods, which makes it convenient if you return Observable calls to remote service and perform some aggregation on the results.

With Spring Cloud Netflix 1.1.x on classpath you can transform your Spring MVC REST controllers into fallowing:

public class ProductController {
    private final ProductService productService;

    public ProductController(ProductService productService) {
        this.productService = productService;

    @RequestMapping(method = GET)
    public Observable<Product> getProductList() {

        return productService.getProducts();

You still need to configure TaskExecutor to be able to use this functionality as you would with standard DefferedResult, ListenableFuture or Callable return types.

Hystrix and Javanica

Hystric commands are capable of handling Observables return types as well.

Future possible integrations

I’ve happen to find this interesting pull request that brings the RxJava integration directly to Spring Data commons module, sadly it hasn’t been merged yet. Personally I think that it would be really convenient to call multiple queries at the same time through such API. Maybe this issue simply needs some extra support from community?

If you would be more interested in this topic I highly advice visiting the RxJava project page and some articles on the web.


  1. Julien Moumné (@JulienMoumne) · January 18, 2016

    Would you confirm only the first Observable event is set in the DeferredResult? In that case, wouldn’t it make more sense to return Observable<List> if the method is called getProductList() ?


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