I am a software engineer currently living and working in Vancouver, BC. Since October 2015 I had been working in the e-commerce world for companies like Allegro Group in Poland, Zalando SE in Germany and Amazon in Canada. Each of the companies were a major player on their markets.

Prior to that I had a great time working in Samsung Electronics in its R&D center in Warsaw, Poland.

I’m most experienced in building web scale server side solutions that tend to be fault tolerant, scalable very often eventual consistent. My programming language of choice would be Java, but if I had oppurtunity to work with JavaScript, Go or Scala I would not hesitate.  Most often the project that I had been working on had been backed by NoSQL databases like Cassandra, Couchbase, MongoDB or ElasticSearch. Though I had been working in my carrier with major RDBS databases as well, including PostgreSQL, MySQL and Oracle.

I’ve graduated in 2012 Warsaw University of Technology in Computer Science with Masters of Science in Engineering degree with Excellent grade.

In 2013 I had been awarded Netflix Cloud Prize for my contributions in NetflixOSS projects.

Netflix Cloud Prize Winners.jpg

On the same year my contributions to JBoss Arquillian project has been recognized with JBoss Community Leader Award.

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